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Stéphen Delattre

Stéphen’s active dance career spanned 15 years as a Soloist artist in six different European State theatres where he enjoyed performing and creating works from many of the dance world’s most recognized and revered choreographers such as William Forsythe, Nacho Duato, Christian Spuck, Marco Goecke, Jacopo Godani and many others.
Stéphen Delattre, was born in France, and already at the young age of 13 began to discover and explore his love for choreography. He is an inventive and passionate creator who draws on the synergy of both the classical and contemporary dance vocabularies when sculpting his choreographies in his own distinctive and innovative movement language, a language that is both physically dynamic and emotionally authentic. Delattre strives to create works that invite and engage the audience by addressing deeply provocative subject matter and universal themes that they can recognize, connect with, and hopefully even be challenged by.
In 2012 Delattre founded his namesake ensemble the Delattre Dance Company with his executive director, Martin Opelt. The 20-member ensemble is now preparing for its 10th anniversary season and has presented over 20 different programs to it dedicated home audience in Mainz and on touring stages throughout the international dance scene. The company’s repertoire features over 37 one-act pieces and four full-length story ballets personally created by Stéphen. It is predominantly with these full evening works Alice in Wonderland, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Notre-Dame de Paris en Momo that the DDC has established a successful and ever-growing touring presence throughout Europe.
Furthermore, Delattre’s versatile choreographic style has led to regular invitations as freelance choreographer from theatre companies and prestigious dance academies. As well as many private commissions from star dancers seeking signature Gala repertoire. Such as his 2012 creation Rain, in her dark eyes for the star of the Paris Opera Ballet, Marie-Agnès Gillot, which was commissioned for 20th Anniversary of the Prix Benois de la Danse and premiered at the illustrious Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Delattre is also a favourite guest jury member for diverse international choreographic and dance competitions worldwide.
Mr. Delattre has been honoured to receive multiple awards for his choreography to date, such as the First Prize 2012 of the Dance’s first Choreography Competition Sweden, the Critic’s Prize 2010 at the International Choreographers Contest in Hanover, and Best upcoming Choreographer of 2008 by Dance for you magazine.
The last years, Delattre could also enjoy another Italian dance prize Premio delle Eccellenze della Danza . This "Prize of excellence" has been awarded and honours Delattre for his outstanding achievements in the field of international choreography.
Finally this year 2021, Stéphen Delattre was recognised by the French government, as Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. This title is an award of hight distinction by the Minister of Culture for his work.
Stéphen is grateful to be able to lead an ensemble of his own, where his dedicated and inspiring troupe of dancers team with him on their mutual journey to explore, innovate, and create together. He also remains committed to the inspiration and motivation that he receives in his freelance work collaborating with new companies, creative artists, and dancers around the globe. Stéphen takes great joy in being able to share his experience and artistry to future generations of dancers through his many workshops, master classes and seminars.
Through all his various creative activities as director and choreographer, it is Delattre’s most ardent hope, as a passionate ambassador to this wonderful art form that he has committed his life to, to not only spread this love and appreciation to new dance audiences, wherever hemay find them, but to also play a contributing role in the ever-changing future of dance.