Nanami Auwerkerken

This young 18 yr old was born in Antwerp to Belgian/Japanese parents.
From an early age she loved to move and to dance – hiphop was her favorite and she dreamt even  then of performing with stars like Beyoncé. Her wise mother however realized that ballet was the best training for any form of dance and so started the little girl on ballet lessons. Once enrolled in the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp she started to love ballet and remained at the school for 6 full years, graduating in 2021.

Nanami: “On completing my initial grounding, I felt too young to start out on a professional career. The two-year training program which JBA offers is the ideal way to help me develop, as a dancer and as a person. I feel that the excellent teachers, choreographers and coaches guide me in strengthening my strong points, and correct weaker ones while the variety of repertoire on offer is essential for a career in dance today.”

Nanami would be happy joining any company which allows her to do what she loves most – to dance, and her favorite ballet has to be that done to the music of Ravel’s Bolero!

©Nicha Rodboon

©Filip van Roe / Alain Honorez