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JUNIOR BALLET ANTWERP is affiliated to the Royal Ballet School Antwerp as a pre-professional company, and is designed specifically for young dancers between the ages of 17 to 21 yrs who possess a high level of classical training.

The aim of JBA is to strengthen further their technical proficiency while simultaneously developing each one's intrinsic artistic talent and offering them a range of stage experience.

Over a period of two years we offer you, the artists of tomorrow, a unique combination of both performance training, career guidance, and hands-on artistic development. Ballet technique is at the core of the workshops and choreographic projects. Under the guidance of experts in their fields, we will strive to assist you to bridge the gap between school and career and to maximize your own potential.

As dansers of JBA, you will perform in and tour with, ballets created especially for you by both known and upcoming choreographers. You will partake in classical, neo-classical and contemporary workshops given by distinguished teachers and coaches. You will be aided in audition planning and career development.

Please note that as JBA is both a company and a trainee program, it is of necessity, a fee-paying initiative.

©Filip Van Roe

Alain Honorez
Artistic Coordinator JBA


Alain Honorez was born in Wilrijk, Belgium. He trained and graduated at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp.

He joined The Royal Ballet of Flanders in 1996 as a member of the corps the ballet, and became principal dancer with the company in 2004, performing numerous ballets out of the classical, neo- classical and contemporary repertoire. read more

©Dean Barucija

David Dawson
Artistic Patron JBA


David Dawson is a British choreographer and one of the leading dance makers working in classical ballet today.

His choreographic style transforms classical ballet in new ways, and his signature works have been praised by critics and audiences worldwide.  read more

©Guy Kleinblatt

Nadia Deferm
Artistic Director RBA


Nadia Deferm was born in Hasselt, Belgium 4th of June 1966. She studied at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp, Belgium where she graduated in 1984.

After winning the prix Professional in the Prix de Lausanne and the Bronze medal in the first international New York Ballet competition in 1984 she was engaged at the Royal Ballet of Flanders. read more