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Since it’s launch on 2nd September 2019, Junior Ballet Antwerp has it’s premises on the top floor of the Stadfeestzaal, a fine neo-classical building situated in the heart of Antwerp. Here a large vacant space was rapidly transformed into a fully-equipped dance studio, with additional offices, changing rooms and a small canteen. The locality also conforms with the regulations laid down by the state concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. The airy studio is equipped with a fine Harlequin floor, for which our thanks go to Harlequin ( specialists in dance floors) for their excellent service.

Stadsfeestzaal 2nd floor, Meir 78, 2000 Antwerp


Hans D’hondt, General Manager Shopping Stadsfeestzaal Antwerp about JBA's homebase:

The Stadfeestzaal is a neo-classical building dating from 1908 and evolved through the years anto an actual meeting place for many Antwerp citizens, where art exhibitions, bookfairs and the annual auto salon all took place.
In 1983 the building became classified, after which it had a rather chequered history.
On the 27th December 2000, a huge fire destroyed practically the entire building, after which Antwerp city came to an agreement with the Dutch developers Multi Development to breathe new life into the complex, in the context of revitalising the city’s shopping areas.
The shopping center, consisting of shops- amongst others Urban Outfitters, Snipes and Weekday- welcomes around 6 million visitors a year

Hans: At the present time we are looking at a modern and future -orientated shopping complex which is a sum of more than just a collection of shops. The community spirit is of real importance, and it is in this framework that we wish to give our visitors the multiple advantage of a mixture of food and shopping as well as art and culture.
We are extremely happy with the presence of a high-class institution such as JBA; to be able to host this world-class pre-professional company gives our visitors extra opportunities. What comes to mind are performances which we can organise in collaboration, giving our visitors a chance to see behind the scenes of a wonderful new initiative.
And on top of this, art makes people happy, it adds positive vibes and a valuable extra dimension to the monotony of daily life.