Formed by Alain Honorez and Irma Swijnen in 2019, Junior Ballet Antwerp is a professional training program which in it’s turn nurtures a junior ballet company. Continuing the ground-breaking legacy of madame Jeanne Brabants, JBA, as an independent organization, wishes to retain structural flexibility by offering both classical as well as modern dance techniques. It thus has the freedom to avail itself of varied choreographic choices and other different opportunities on offer without having to take into account common procedures within the educational system or the long-term strategies of established dance companies.

The JBA experience is aimed primarily at young dancers aged 17 to 21 who, by means of serious and intensive schooling, possess a very high level of classical ballet technique. The foremost priority is to help these young ‘artists of tomorrow’ bridge the gap between the end of formative training and the commencement of a professional career. Over a period of two years these artists of tomorrow will take part in a series of exclusive workshops under the guidance of elite coaches and teachers. They will gain invaluable stage experience in the form of performances especially created for them by internationally – renowned as well as emerging choreographers. In the course of the program they will be given career guidance by specialists in the field. The development of both their artistic and as well as their technical capacities will be a priority, in order to ensure that they are well equipped to enter the demanding arena of the professional dance world.


To maximise the individual artistic and technical capacity of each young person.

To produce dance works of high artistic quality which will in turn improve the dancers’ stage experience and so aid a smooth integration into the working life of professional dance companies.

By combining contemporary classical ballet with an eclectic variety of other art forms such as film, music, photography, fashion – in so doing create stimulating, innovative artistic events.

The creation of a small-sized ambulant company which will nurture ballet in Flanders and attract a growing audience by appealing to a broad spectrum of the public.

To encourage and support innovative choreography from talented and established dancemakers situated in Belgium and globally, as well as within the ranks of JBA itself.


Junior Ballet Antwerp will become firmly established as a young professional company. Its innovative artistic program will set modern classical ballet firmly on the map in Belgium by its encouragement and development of a refreshingly new generation of dancers and dancemakers.

©Filip Van Roe
©Filip van Roe

Our location

Since its launch in 2019, Junior Ballet Antwerp has its premises on the top floor of the Stadsfeestzaal, a fine neo-classical building dating from 1908 situated in the heart of Antwerp.
Here a large vacant space has been transformed into a fully-equipped dance studio, with additional offices, changing rooms, physio room, costume storage space and a small canteen with kitchenette.
The airy studio features a professional sprung floor, supplied by Harlequin, the specialists in dance floors.