Sora Nishida

Sora Nishida, born in Japan, is also one of our new recruits. Now she has recently turned 19 and has already spent a year in Antwerp, studying at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp.
She started dancing when she was 9 yrs old, fascinated by the beauty of the costumes, movement and music and saw, in her words ‘people shining on stage’. Her first years were spent training at the Maico Ballet Studio in her home town of Aichi. The level of ballet there must have been good because when teachers from Antwerp’s Ballet School were in Japan, what they saw was a well-trained young dancer ready to join their graduate division.

Akihito: “On completion of my final Antwerp year, I auditioned for JBA and I realized that two years of further training and performing with them would greatly improve not only my contemporary vocabulary but also my classical technique.”

For the time being Sora has not set her sights on any specific company but knows that it eventually will be one which offers a diverse repertoire.
Her favorite of all the classical ballets is La Bayadère: not only the beautiful scene of the Shades but also the way the story unfolds.
This dainty young Japanese has as hobby what we in the west would find typical of her asiatic background – she loves handwork in particular doing embroidery and beadwork. Certainly a restful occupation after a hard day’s dancing.

©Filip Van Roe