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We hebben er lang op moeten wachten maar eíndelijk is het zover!

Na onze geheel onverwachte terugkeer naar de scène met SEASONS 4.0 in de Opera van Antwerpen op 17 & 18 juni, pakt JBA nu uit met MINIATURES, een collectie choreografische parels waar we het voorbije jaar in stilte aan hebben gewerkt.
En alsof dat nieuws nog niet geweldig genoeg is; de première van deze nieuwe JBA voorstelling zal op 6 & 7 juli plaatsvinden in het feeërieke kader van de Handelsbeurs Antwerp!

Kom onze jonge dansers bewonderen en kom genieten van choreografieën van de hand van Yannick Boquin, Altea Nuñez & David Dawson, artistiek beschermheer van Junior Ballet Antwerp.
Ongetwijfeld een avond die u niet snel zal vergeten!

Deuren: 19.00 uur
Receptie met hapjes voorafgaand aan de voorstelling
Aanvang: 20.00 uur
Na de voorstelling: dessert en napraten

Inschrijven voor deze fantastische avond kan via inge@juniorballetantwerp.be met vermelding van de datum van uw keuze.

Uw inschrijving is definitief na ontvangst van 95,- euro per persoon op rekening nummer BE25 7360 5643 6482.
Na ontvangst van uw betaling bevestigen wij uw inschrijving.


Just as the end of season 20/21 approaches, we were handed a totally unexpected and welcome opportunity, one which will surely illuminate the recent dark period!

On 17/18 June, JBA will return to the stage of the Antwerp Opera, to perform their scintillating and dynamic SEASONS 4.0 set to the music of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, in a reworking by Max Richter.

Tickets are on sale now: https://tix.operaballet.be/nl/buyingflow/tickets/6923/19383/
Be quick to book as places are restricted!


It's miraculous how at times, pieces of the puzzle just seem to fall into place. This is what happened during the filming of NOMAD, a wonderful collaboration between BOB'IN and Junior Ballet Antwerp on location in Antwerp's glorious Handelsbeurs. This exquisite cameo with choreography by Altea Nuñez, features JBA dancer Maria Mazzotti as the illusory link between 'Jungle' & 'Sahara' - the two themes of ARTE Wall Decorations' beautiful 2021 Spring collection.


A year after the festive premiere of our very first ballet production 'SEASONS 4.0', which filled the Antwerp Opera House to the brim on 21/2/20, we are dancing for an empty audience in the Warande Theatre (Turnhout).

"In ‘What you don’t see’ we give an artist, one who means a great deal to us and who was scheduled to appear on our official Warande program, the opportunity to bring an artistic message. The short films will appear online each Sunday evening at 20.15 p.m.

YU² (courage)
After the fresh hope vividly portrayed in ‘AWAKENING’ we follow it up by another quality in today’s harsh climate.
‘YU' stands for COURAGE and this is what our two Japanse male dancers Rin Isomura & Akihito Shimogata perfectly illustrate in this second JBA short film, entirely put together by the exact same team behind ‘AWAKENING’.

review by "Klassiek Centraal"

AWAKENING is JBA’s very first short film - a fusion of dance & nature!
The film was captured in the ‘Zevenbergenbos’ in Ranst and has conceptually and visually been brought to the screen by Alain Honorez, JBA’s artistic leader.

For the occasion JBA collaborated with Wolf Hoeyberghs, junior dancer with the Zürich ballett, who composed a magical piece of music. Wolf, on his turn, invited Martina Renau (Zürich junior dancer) to give color to the music’s main instrument; the cello. The choreography is from the hand of our very own ballet mistress Altea Nuñez.

May the pictures shine a little light on these dark days and awaken the wish to see our young dancers performing live once more!

To keep our dancers in shape during the lockdown period of March / April 2020, we asked them to work out their own choreography in addition to the online lessons that were given, in which loneliness and / or limited freedom of movement were central.

‘UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN’ became a collage of creativity that brought the young talents together again, despite being spread all over the world.

We bade farewell to Lydia Chagoll (1931 - 2020) Dancer, choreographer, author, filmmaker

Lydia Chagoll was born in 1931 in Holland as Lydia Aldewereld. Her Jewish family moved to Brussels but fled the city when Belgium was invaded by Nazi Germany. Many of Chagoll’s family did not survive the atrocities of the concentration camps. After much journeying her family eventually landed up in Dutch India and Lydia herself was sent to the ‘Japanese Camps’. These atrocities from her childhood left lifelong, indelible traces, which often marked her work and creation.

After much journeying her family eventually landed up in Dutch India and Lydia herself was sent to the ‘Japanese Camps’. These atrocities from her childhood left lifelong, indelible traces, which often marked her work and creation. She attained her licentiate diploma in Germanic Philology at the VUB, which she followed up with studies in ballet and modern dance.

In 1999 she received an honorary doctorate for her social services from the VUB.

Her dance career ran from after the second World War until the late ’70’s. Chagoll formed her own company Ballet Lydia Chagoll consisting of programs aimed at adults as well as children.

In 1999 she received an honorary doctorate for her social services from the VUB.

Lydia was yet another influential voice who gave Alain Honorez her full support and believed strongly in the value of JBA and its successful future.

On her death Flanders lost an exceptional woman, one with a big heart and admittedly, a sharp critical pen.



We bade farewell to Rina Barbier (1945 - 2020) Dance historian, teacher, writer

Licentiate in Art History, Rijks University Ghent, Rina Barbier was one of the most influential figures in the Belgian dance world from 1970’s until her recent death in July 2020.

Presentator of introductory talks to innumerable important productions, initiation and choreographic performances, by Royal Ballet of Flanders. Author and editor of ‘Jeugd en Dans’ Dance Magazine Author of many books about ballet, the most important being: ’30 Years: the Stedelijk Institute voor Ballet’, ‘Dans en Ballet van A tot Z’, ’30 Years: Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen’, ’50 Years: Ballet van Vlaanderen’ (years 1970 to 1984 and years 1984 to 1987). Mathilde Schroyen Prize 2006

Rina Barbier was secretary to Jeanne Brabants, and during that important period represented Belgian dance on the ‘International Theatre Committee` as well as being on the board of the Unesco ‘International Dance Committee’. Rina Barbier will be remembered as an outstanding teacher of dance history at many dance academies in Belgium and Holland. Her enthusiastic presence was an unmissable part of all important - and less important - dance premieres, but nevertheless she was forthright in expressing disapproval for performances that didn’t measure up to her exacting standards

Rina Barbier was a passionate supporter of JBA from its initial start until just days before her death.

Her passing is a huge loss for ballet in Flanders and she will be sorely missed.


The very first custom created performance of JBA!

4 seasons. 4 Choreographers. 4 Influences. 4 Backgrounds.
Set to the musical score of Vivaldi/ Max Richter and taking into account what is expected of ‘ today’s dancer’, the program Seasons 4.0 offers a wide range of dance styles and techniques . This affords the dancers the chance to experience the eclectic choreographic world of various dance makers.
The premiere performances which took place in the Antwerp Opera on 21 and 22 February 2020 are made even more festive by the participation of the entire Royal Ballet School of Antwerp in Bolero, as well as a guest performance by dancers of Ballet Flanders.


KBA and JBA present:

A very first collaboration cast in 2 performances on 25 and 26 January 2020.
The first part will consist of an Ode to Tchaikovsky, danced by the students of KBA. The second part will be filled by dancers of Junior Ballet Antwerp. You will have a preview of ‘Seasons 4.0’ (the entire ballet goes in premiere in February 2020), ‘Shostakovich’ en ‘Cake or Death’.
The members of Friends of the Ballet have priority on the sale of tickets from friday 20-12-2019 7hrs until 22-12-2019 24hrs
As of 24hrs on 22 -12-2019, tickets go on sale to the general public.



JBA in a co-operation with Ballet Flanders.

For the fourteenth edition of the successful Choreolab series, the dancers of Opera Ballet Flanders are challenged to develop and present their own choreographies for a large audience. The creations are performed by fellow dancers and for technical support, the choreographers can count on the skilled costume and decor workshops of Opera Ballet Flanders. JBA will perform a choreography created by Nancy Osbaldeston and made possible by Inge Heylen.
From 14 to 22 December 2019 in Theater 't Eilandje.